About Us

At Smoky Mountain brands, all we do is smoked pork products. We supply large and small grocery stores with this fine product that is in demand by an intensely determined group of consumers: bar-be-que lovers all over the southland!

Our pulled BBQ products are produced from the finest cuts of pork shoulders, lean and juicy!

After literally hours of smoking, our secret recipe “red sauce” is joined with the hand pulled pork to create a truly outstanding BBQ product ready for your table. The folks in parts of the Carolina’s have developed a unique taste for a vinegar based sauce which has become known as the popular Eastern Carolina Style BBQ pork. Either way, this product is outstanding…we never use any fillers of any kind. Just pork and sauce…that’s it!

Our only purpose in business is to strive to make the finest table ready BBQ products available to you where you want them. If we fail to make that happen, we failed!

If you have any questions about where you can find our product or questions in general about Smoky Mountain brand products, send us an email to info@SmokyMtnBBQ.com.

If you are having trouble finding Smoky Mountain brand BBQ products, give us the information about where you live, where you like to shop and we’ll do our dead level best to have your meat market stock Smoky Mountain BBQ!